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brand bible — brain train
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Brand, Design

Engaged by the Founders of Brain Train, an innovative NDIS approved and drug free approach to treating autism, ADHD, sensory and other neuro-developmental challenges, to create a brand bible to serve as the touchstone for internal and external marketing, PR and direct client communications.


Frustrated by the largely ineffective conventional approaches to neuro-developmental challenges in children, the founders personally invested in an international search, over many years, for the most efficacious drug-free options to treat their daughters’ autism.  Their daughters’ significant improvement through treatment in the USA utilising a cutting edge approach to movement, as a critical component of a whole of lifestyle approach, inspired them to launch Brain Train in order to share the exact same methodologies with as many Australian families as possible.  We were honoured to assist the founders and key executives in distilling their mission in a brand bible, and subsequently designing new digital and social assets.